Harry Styles - Two Ghosts (Live in Studio)

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3 years ago

'Harry Styles: Behind the Album - The Performances' is out now only on Apple Music: smarturl.it/HS-BTA-Performances?iqid=TwoGhostsLive
The film sees Styles performing all 10 tracks from his full self-titled debut and is an extended look into the performances from 'Harry Styles: Behind the Album,' which premiered on Apple Music earlier this year: smarturl.it/HS-BehindTheAlbum?iqid=TwoGhostsLive
Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is available now: hstyles.co.uk/music
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Jozie Rafferty
Jozie Rafferty 53 minutes ago
at 1:46 when he did that little smile. don't mind me just going to cry-
Eduarda Claro
Eduarda Claro Hour ago
taylor you will never be Loooouis
Jesharelah Berroya
Jesharelah Berroya 4 hours ago
Ángeles Viscarra
Ángeles Viscarra 6 hours ago
love this song
Ana Luísa Souza Santos
Ana Luísa Souza Santos 9 hours ago
Harry oq vc acha sobre o tráfico de anões?
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 10 hours ago
I honestly live for the way he looks there
Isabella Corovini_28
Isabella Corovini_28 10 hours ago
Simplemente hermoso
Artemisa Nix IxChel
Artemisa Nix IxChel 15 hours ago
Ana Beatriz Zamai
Ana Beatriz Zamai 18 hours ago
isso aqui eh uma obra de arte, te amo harry eu te amo
Kanishka Gupta
Kanishka Gupta Day ago
Kanishka Gupta
Kanishka Gupta Day ago
I really wanted to know did u all really thing this song is about T .. if yes u have lost your mind .. why would he write songs for her .. She is in a happy relationship with the other guy .. STOP IT NOW .. it's about louis we all know and harry also know 💚💙🌍
Junette Turner
Junette Turner Day ago
‘Same lips red, same eye blue’ is about Taylor swift ‘Same white shirt, couple more tattoos’ is about Louis 🧐
Lama Day ago
Okay, so let's be real, does taylor have tattoos??? James corden doesn't, you SUPERMAN does 💚💙
katherine diaz
katherine diaz Day ago
💓💕😭muy sierto me siento así como un fantasma queriendo sentir 😊pero Harry es muy hermoso como un ángel
Abisak Lalnunnemi 2001
Abisak Lalnunnemi 2001 Day ago
Voice ............................................ amazing
Achintya Gupta
Achintya Gupta Day ago
Zarry shippers be real quiet in this song.
Achintya Gupta
Achintya Gupta Day ago
Oh of course this is about taylor She has tattoos doesn’t she. Oh of course this is about zayn He has blue eyes doesn’t he.
Jenna Wood
Jenna Wood 23 hours ago
the white shirt and tattoos part is referencing himself...
Becca Lapham
Becca Lapham 2 days ago
He looks so young in this like he looked when he was still in the band :,)
Aleena Yesudas
Aleena Yesudas 2 days ago
Anyone 2021?
Claudia Valdez
Claudia Valdez 2 days ago
No se dan cuenta que sus indirectas en cada canción a las larries nos destrosa???? 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Claudia Valdez
Claudia Valdez 2 days ago
crying for larry is my passion
Claudia Valdez
Claudia Valdez 2 days ago
This song touches my heart, I am crying for two boys who cannot be together, my emotional stability collapses. HARRYY WHY ?? ' BECAUSE??? I can't, I want to die
hey Ƭhere!!
hey Ƭhere!! 2 days ago
We're not who we used to be..🍂
maelwenn 2 days ago
I think this masterpiece is definitly my favorite song.
Lulú O'Brien
Lulú O'Brien 3 days ago
My fav song for Taylor ✨
Mind of Power & Love
Mind of Power & Love 3 days ago
The song Lights Up is demonic. The light is his enlightenment. His Luciferian light. He’s being subliminal like he always is and is displaying his admission into the occult. He works for Satan and is being used to trick us all. I used to be fooled, but now I know. Please you guys turn away from the world and turn towards the love of Jesus Christ. He died that we may live. If Harry were to die that would save any of us from our sinful nature. Repent, the Lord is coming back to judge all. I used to love Harry and support him, but when I woke up from the tricks of the devil, I truly saw everything that is wrong with Harry and how he is being used. usposts.info/vision/arvSu7OpjbGMjaY/video
FG MD 3 days ago
A week ago I broke up with my girlfriend, she loved you Harry. Today I miss her more than ever and I have her present in all these songs
sauce of stylinson
sauce of stylinson 3 days ago
flashbacks to 19 year old harold.... no liam, just payne :*(
Noelle Louis
Noelle Louis 3 days ago
Ritesh Pasalkar
Ritesh Pasalkar 4 days ago
My vid quality was on 240P but still I experienced 4k quality vid
Myrtin Gamboa
Myrtin Gamboa 4 days ago
Listening to this song while crying to my chemistry test is a divine feeling.
Myrtin Gamboa
Myrtin Gamboa 4 days ago
@fiorella chaverri aww thank you so much
fiorella chaverri
fiorella chaverri 4 days ago
you can do it, you got this :)
marcello bugagiar
marcello bugagiar 4 days ago
Harry you’re blessed by the Gods , and your girls ROCK ❤️❤️❤️
John Sobrevilla
John Sobrevilla 4 days ago
We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat...... Bro, I really felt that.
marcello bugagiar
marcello bugagiar 4 days ago
Harry you’re blessed by the Gods ❤️, and YOUR GIRLS ROCK❤️❤️❤️
Jonathan Del solar
Jonathan Del solar 4 days ago
Te amo brooooo.🇲🇽🇲🇽❤️
dan!ca 4 days ago
i miss harry
Sudipta Mahapatra
Sudipta Mahapatra 4 days ago
HARRY THINKING. 2015:where is zayn? 2020:where is one direction? 2021: fans.:(. harry :(.liam :(. nial. :(. louis :(. zayn(?)
Maria Cristina Reymundo Bustillos
Maria Cristina Reymundo Bustillos 5 days ago
Giovana Frangie
Giovana Frangie 5 days ago
Esse vídeo é tão perfeito. 💚
It’s Hannah
It’s Hannah 5 days ago
I can’t believe he is the little boy from X factor...
Mondharat Derjacques
Mondharat Derjacques 5 days ago
Love the song
Delfina Cardozo
Delfina Cardozo 5 days ago
Dios como amo esta versión loco
Dana 5 days ago
amo el dolor
moosmutzel waldwuffel
moosmutzel waldwuffel 5 days ago
اورانس بي
اورانس بي 5 days ago
For fook saaaaaaaaaaak
Giulia Federico
Giulia Federico 5 days ago
Leslie Gono
Leslie Gono 5 days ago
My fave🌸💯
amanda suarez
amanda suarez 6 days ago
Harry i will never love someone as much as you:(
Lisa Bryant
Lisa Bryant 6 days ago
His voice is amazing, such a talent, and a great personality :)
غوهر 6 days ago
احاول اقنع نفسي ان الاغنيه مب للوي
tzela kissandrakh
tzela kissandrakh 6 days ago
this song SCREAMS larry is real come on
Peggy Franke
Peggy Franke 6 days ago
What a wonderful song about whoever. But I also think it is about Louis Tomlinson. His reaction to Harry' s appearence on x factor was heartbreaking...🌈
PRISCILA RUBI 6 days ago
i love a this song
bla bla bla
bla bla bla 6 days ago
Fun fact this live still popular than recorded.
love is only for the brave
love is only for the brave 6 days ago
lets do analysis taylor:same eyes blue, same lips red, same white shirt, couple more tattoos-wait taylor doesn't have any tattoos camille:same eyes blue-she doesn't even have blue eyes kendall:same eyes blue-she doesn't have blue eyes either louis:same eyes blue, same lips red, same white shirt couple more tattoos-i don't see anything here that doesn't describe louis no hate to any of these girls, i love and look up to them so much, besides camille, because she has done some very wrong things, but you can find info on that somewhere else. anyways, larry stylinson is real, tpwk or do it the tommo way
Freaky Dan
Freaky Dan 6 days ago
I didn't expect my mom to shout at me yelling, "DON'T SKIP THAT SONG! I LIKE THAT ONE!!!". My heart melts. She even hum the whole song.
Anushka Tripathi
Anushka Tripathi 6 days ago
Kate Abisamis
Kate Abisamis 6 days ago
Imy baby😭
Nari Yan
Nari Yan 7 days ago
cami 7 days ago
man i love you
wow is beaatiful harry
Mouna El ouadghiri
Mouna El ouadghiri 7 days ago
eyes blue and tatoo= louis tomilson
Diya R
Diya R 7 days ago
Having my heart ache listening to this. His voice, his eyes, his black shirt, everything reminds me of the good days he was in 1D. He's just so precious❤
Delfina Gauna
Delfina Gauna 7 days ago
estoy segura q es el amor de mi vida
Julia gomes
Julia gomes 7 days ago
My First real Harry
Yaiza Prieto S.
Yaiza Prieto S. 7 days ago
Me pregunto si las veces que Harry canta canciones que son para Louis pensará en él... Es una duda existencial que no me deja dormir. Yo supongo que si. Que bonitos son.
It's going to be Legendary
It's going to be Legendary 7 days ago
ShowMeTheMeaningOfBeingLonely!! 7 days ago
Ramon Dias
Ramon Dias 7 days ago
Omg harry
Ramon Dias
Ramon Dias 7 days ago
Ramon Dias
Ramon Dias 7 days ago
Nunca tinha visto
Lizeth Luvianos
Lizeth Luvianos 8 days ago
Two ghost is not about Taylor dm on insta & @idg2f.liz if you wanna know why it’s not about her;)
Neth R
Neth R 8 days ago
Oi oi oi! Im cryiiiing... but in a cool way😭❤
adriana magdalena hernandez
adriana magdalena hernandez 8 days ago
Harry: *escribe una canción* Todos:Larry es real
não tem brasileiro aq meu pai?
Zala Tomažin
Zala Tomažin 8 days ago
only one word: adorable
lara stylinson
lara stylinson 8 days ago
i love him sm
Rhiannon Hipkin Clarke
Rhiannon Hipkin Clarke 8 days ago
he looks like one direction Harry🥺
Ritesh Pathak
Ritesh Pathak 9 days ago
please tell me Harry how are your lips so pink
Stefanie Stewart
Stefanie Stewart 9 days ago
Harry styles is the best singer ever
Cataaa aaa
Cataaa aaa 9 days ago
really good
Belkis B
Belkis B 9 days ago
Tu voz es tan maravillosa.🤍
Manuela Tobon Villegas
Manuela Tobon Villegas 9 days ago
x: what is the most beautiful thing you've seen and what happened to you? Me: HARRY STYLES [𝓣𝓟𝓦𝓚]
Maite Acuña
Maite Acuña 9 days ago
Larry? Larry
Ishani Bose
Ishani Bose 9 days ago
The smile
ekin ekin
ekin ekin 9 days ago
hey Ƭhere!!
hey Ƭhere!! 9 days ago
hey Ƭhere!!
hey Ƭhere!! 9 days ago
hey Ƭhere!!
hey Ƭhere!! 9 days ago
hey Ƭhere!!
hey Ƭhere!! 9 days ago
LoudFarter 9 days ago
my sister loves this song
Yeni Anggari
Yeni Anggari 10 days ago
It's going to be Legendary
It's going to be Legendary 10 days ago
I see this video and only and I only want to scream one thing to everyone, how is he so gorgeous ;-;
It's going to be Legendary
It's going to be Legendary 10 days ago
how is he so gorgeous
ana ‹3
ana ‹3 10 days ago
Same lips red, same eyes blue Same white shirt, couple more tattoos But it's not you and it's not me Tastes so sweet, looks so real Sounds like something that I used to feel But I can't touch what I see We're not who we used to be We're not who we used to be We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat The fridge light washes this room white Moon dances over your good side This was all we used to need Tongue-tied like we've never known Telling those stories we already told 'Cause we don't say what we really mean We're not who we used to be We're not who we used to be We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me We're not who we used to be We're not who we used to be We're just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat We're not who we used to be We're not who we used to be We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me We're not who we used to be We don't see what we used to see We're just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat I'm just trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat
Retty s Tanjung
Retty s Tanjung 10 days ago
12qwerty:* 06:*
Yashika Sethia
Yashika Sethia 10 days ago
First name Last name
First name Last name 10 days ago
This song is about Taylor Swift for sure
Jomarie Andalucia
Jomarie Andalucia 10 days ago
bla bla bla
bla bla bla 11 days ago
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a, ,
a, , 11 days ago
This could be for Taylor you know I mean there are TWO ghosts so he starts with she "same lips red, same eyes blue" and then himself "same white shirt, couple more tattoos" But idk Anyways, believe whatever you want ❤️
Giovana Frangie
Giovana Frangie 11 days ago
How do you stop listening and watching? 💚
Arabella Martinez
Arabella Martinez 11 days ago
i just can't believe that he exists..
Thank You, Pewdiepie x
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