Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Behind the Scenes)

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8 months ago

This video is dedicated to touching.
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Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want more berries
And that summer feeling
It’s so wonderful and warm
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without
I’m just thinking out loud
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar

On a summer evening
Baby, you’re the end of June
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
Getting washed away in you
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high
I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Watermelon Sugar
#HarryStyles #WatermelonSugar #FineLine

charly 8 minutes ago
"I don't have to be drunk to throw some crazy shapes."
Mind of Power & Love
Mind of Power & Love 3 days ago
The song Lights Up is Satanic. The light is his enlightenment. His Luciferian light. He’s being subliminal like he always is and is displaying his admission into the occult. He works for Satan and is being used to trick us all. I used to be fooled, but now I know. Please you guys turn away from the world and turn towards the love of Jesus Christ. He died that we may live. If Harry were to die that would save any of us from our sinful nature. Repent, the Lord is coming back to judge all. I used to love Harry and support him, but when I woke up from the tricks of the devil, I truly saw everything that is wrong with Harry and how he is being used. usposts.info/vision/arvSu7OpjbGMjaY/video
Mind of Power & Love
Mind of Power & Love 3 days ago
Mind of Power & Love
Mind of Power & Love 3 days ago
Leah Ross
Leah Ross 4 days ago
Dear harry, next time u make a bomb ass music video, send me an email
Ela eDiTs
Ela eDiTs 4 days ago
Me sitting here smiling like an idiot 😌👌
Natahlia Kroyen
Natahlia Kroyen 4 days ago
@Carly Sutherland I’m obsessed 🥺 oh and mah new other fav animal is a fwog 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
Alice Healey
Alice Healey 4 days ago
WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW THIS WAS FILMED ON THE SAME BEACH AS WMYB!!!! :D (idk aha maybe that was a different mv by harry but whatever)
Pauline nte
Pauline nte 5 days ago
Lucky girls.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 5 days ago
Finja Dolina
Finja Dolina 5 days ago
I work in a bakery
Tae. cake
Tae. cake 5 days ago
He’s so cute with everyone!☺️💗
Grace O'Brien
Grace O'Brien 5 days ago
im starting to think this song isn't about watermelons...
eilishtyles 5 days ago
Just imagine how many watermelons were consumed in this video hahahahahaha
Clara Frost
Clara Frost 5 days ago
Not me watching this before the actual video
Carissa 6 days ago
no hate, i'm just confused. isn't his thing being respectful to women and not objectifying women? this song does just that... could someone please explain to me what's going on in this song?
Luana Lara
Luana Lara 6 days ago
Lindo,amor da minha vida
connection 7 days ago
a lot of famous 'Harry's in UK 1. Harry Potter 2. Harry Styles 3. Harry Kane
DoYouKnowWhoYouAre 7 days ago
they would take me off set because i fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital lmao edit: i didnt realize i was eating watermelon watching this until i had none left lol i cant
Flexy Floogerz
Flexy Floogerz 7 days ago
Ximee Díaz
Ximee Díaz 7 days ago
I love you harry styles 💘
Sophie Lyons
Sophie Lyons 7 days ago
This should be called making people dizzy for 2 mins and 41 secs
Izzy wiltz
Izzy wiltz 8 days ago
2:06 harry went from harry styles to harry potter real quick lol
Sandra Crulkaua
Sandra Crulkaua 9 days ago
Este cantor , ator tem grande futuro abençoado é um astro the best 👏👏👏👏Deus abençoe🙏🏻❤🤩
la Pitagoras
la Pitagoras 9 days ago
Como hago para tatuarme un video?😃
Anna júlia gonçalves França
Anna júlia gonçalves França 9 days ago
Harry comendo melancia: A Eu: que homem jesus
Kinsell Christensen
Kinsell Christensen 9 days ago
why is nobody there crying? cause i know i would be a whole mess.
Belkis B
Belkis B 9 days ago
Pinche hombre espectacular.🤍
daniella 9 days ago
Erin Everett
Erin Everett 9 days ago
Yo Harry! I love this song and I’m a HUGE fan of you and one direction! My friends birthday is soon and I was wondering if you could wish her happy birthday for me!! She is a even bigger fan and she adores you! Hah get it adore you! She really likes infinity( ik it’s 1d but still) I love you!!!
chloe x
chloe x 10 days ago
imagine getting payed to spend the day with harry
Anna Migotto
Anna Migotto 10 days ago
1:26 con che sguardo la ha guardataaa?!?!?!?!,!
Miss ñøbøđý
Miss ñøbøđý 10 days ago
Did anyone else realise on bis big toe it says big?!
VillainVibez ツ
VillainVibez ツ 10 days ago
0:43 lol
Olga Bave
Olga Bave 11 days ago
Él es genial
Xx Alina xX
Xx Alina xX 11 days ago
anonymous bitch
anonymous bitch 12 days ago
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Bella Salet Rodas
Bella Salet Rodas 12 days ago
Pq no puede ser una de ella😔🤚🏻💔
Emmanuel Machado M
Emmanuel Machado M 12 days ago
Sarina Arian
Sarina Arian 12 days ago
Jessica James
Jessica James 13 days ago
1:25 I would die-
Luján L.
Luján L. 14 days ago
ILovehl 14 days ago
Love how the models are multiple sizes and colors
Eal Taylor
Eal Taylor 15 days ago
Here because Watermelon sugar is nominated in BRITs
Eal Taylor
Eal Taylor 15 days ago
Omg he's so cute
Esdras San 0202
Esdras San 0202 15 days ago
hello, my name and Esdras ... I am a big fan ... I’ve been following you since you started recording ... I even have a Facebook group that became very famous with 1900 fans ... many had a very good idea .. .and innovative, concertesa many fans will like it, my request and many and that one direction make a clip ... to remember the old times, this request is not only mine ... but of the whole family (-;
Berry 15 days ago
Caribou Twostep
Caribou Twostep 15 days ago
And this is why harry is a lesbian icon. Just one of the girls vibe. I love him.
Endar Tey Channel
Endar Tey Channel 16 days ago
Rebecca Newman
Rebecca Newman 16 days ago
1:09 I thought that guy in the very foreground was louis... jEsUs TaKe ThE wHeEl Xo
Silvana Fernández
Silvana Fernández 16 days ago
0:43 Harry lo hizo primero
LALOKALU25 17 days ago
That little dance move at 0:43 omg I love It
CallMehAddi 17 days ago
“Harry Went To The Store, He Bought 16 Watermelons And 7 Strawberries, How Many Things In Total Did He Buy In Total?” Harry : Let’s Make This A Song!
Afrodite Giannila
Afrodite Giannila 17 days ago
we need a new song with tha boyz: Liam-Louis-Niall and Zayn plzz Harry we need one direction back!!!!😖
Autumn Alexander
Autumn Alexander 18 days ago
Hillary Vitória
Hillary Vitória 18 days ago
I love you Harry!!💖🇧🇷🇧🇷🍉🍉
Candela Araujo
Candela Araujo 18 days ago
¡ÚNANSE! somos un grupo de dinámicas con temática de 1D, tenemos 5 teams (uno por cada uno de los chicos) y hacemos dinámicas diarias. Ven para formar parte de esta hermosa familia de 1D Rainbow❤️ No dudes que te divertirás! ¿Que estás esperando?🌈✨ chat.whatsapp.com/FKg32nw6TsQFUv7pTrINKD
0187_Sheila Devi Asri
0187_Sheila Devi Asri 18 days ago
how did someone just find this job
Anny Hro
Anny Hro 19 days ago
Harry, I love you, you are my life, I adore you. your music and you make me very happy, you are the therapy of my life you and your music make me want to live Thank you for your precious existence and with that you make me the happiest person in this world. I love you, I thank destiny for being born in the same time as you, you make me want to live, you and your music are art, I adore you my king, congratulations on all your achievements, you deserve all the most beautiful things in this world , but the world does not deserve you, I love you king of my heart, god of my life
Olivia Thompson
Olivia Thompson 19 days ago
Joana Ramos
Joana Ramos 19 days ago
Algum brasileiro? 🇧🇷😘💞
Ayanna Esaw
Ayanna Esaw 20 days ago
As soon as I saw this I thought "ooh must be awkward let's watch"
Jennifer DeVenuti
Jennifer DeVenuti 20 days ago
could the BTS video be better than the ACTUAL video?
Abrego Reyes
Abrego Reyes 21 day ago
Te amo, hombre tan espectacular
Argentina Nuesi
Argentina Nuesi 21 day ago
I feel like it sounds better in the car
Mary Ty
Mary Ty 21 day ago
He is gorgeous. He is handsome. He is great singer. He won Grammy. He never goes out of style. He is Harry Styles ♥️🔥
Rhiannon Hipkin Clarke
Rhiannon Hipkin Clarke 21 day ago
HE LOOKS GOOD IN ANYTHING. A N Y T H I N G. a binbag? yes. covered in spaghetti hoops? yes.
Tamari Chapichadze
Tamari Chapichadze 21 day ago
Самое гейское видео, которое я когда-либо видела
megan 22 days ago
the fact that the models in this video called him CONSENT KING because he would ask before touching them, makes me so happy
Deeya Vidushee
Deeya Vidushee 22 days ago
2:04 his feet😂🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️
Javier Cuéllarmedina
Javier Cuéllarmedina 22 days ago
Todos aman a harry
Ani N
Ani N 22 days ago
1:39 what’s her Instagram heelp
kio's bad bleep
kio's bad bleep 22 days ago
it just feels illegal to have girls in bikinis around harry idk why.
Gabi styles
Gabi styles 23 days ago
Nosso bebê gosta de melancia meninas!!!🍉🍉🍉
Helena Emery
Helena Emery 23 days ago
ok but if u r one of those girls i am so jealous of u
sophie M
sophie M 23 days ago
Nobody’s speaking about 01:43 SHES LUCKY TO BE ON HIM UGHHHH!!!!!
Real Tanishk
Real Tanishk 23 days ago
Flora Rubint
Flora Rubint 23 days ago
I love you so much Harry! I was really sad and hated myself until I started to listen to your songs. Now i am starting to love myself and feel like someone so thank you so so much! -Love from Hungary :)
Real Tanishk
Real Tanishk 23 days ago
Incr-EDIBLES 23 days ago
2:04 Harry doing yoga standing on the watermelon is the cutest...
Anushka Rajput
Anushka Rajput 23 days ago
After this music video was shot:; NEWS : 17 girls died cause of Harry styles and it's not shocking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mirian Fernanda Obando
Mirian Fernanda Obando 24 days ago
Nadie: Yo: Cuantas sandías utilizaron para este video??
Mirian Fernanda Obando
Mirian Fernanda Obando 24 days ago
Que se supone que tengo que estudiar para correr junto a Harry en la Playa??
Katlyn Norman
Katlyn Norman 24 days ago
I can't this was filmed were they filmed what makes you beautiful
josefa flores
josefa flores 24 days ago
Love Watermelon 🍉
true bingham
true bingham 24 days ago
i want to be the girl feeding him and cuddling with him.
Valladares Ayala Xiomara Ximena
Valladares Ayala Xiomara Ximena 24 days ago
Alguien pensó en cuantos kilos de sandia se gasto Harry en el video? JAJAJAJA
malak khamsi
malak khamsi 25 days ago
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BrownGuy 25 days ago
"That's a rock, guys that's a rock!" Is director from 'Closer' by Chainsmokers ?
Sandy 26 days ago
Ok but the question is ¿How many watermelons did harry ate for this video?
Qwertyui Opasdfgh
Qwertyui Opasdfgh 27 days ago
Liv 27 days ago
he's one of the girls and that's so cute
samkelisiwe dube
samkelisiwe dube 27 days ago
He got a Grammy 🥺🥺❤️❤️
Real Tanishk
Real Tanishk 23 days ago
Aarya K.
Aarya K. 27 days ago
0:43 The girls: *vibing* Harry: *channeling his inner Leeroy*
Griva Patel
Griva Patel 12 days ago
@Aarya K. Me too💙
Aarya K.
Aarya K. 12 days ago
@Griva Patel yep
Griva Patel
Griva Patel 12 days ago
Wait you in pjo fandom??
Ann Mary
Ann Mary 28 days ago
After hearing this song over and over again I now forgot what's the taste difference btw watermelons and strawberries 😝
Fernanda Otero
Fernanda Otero 28 days ago
M haces feliz
Fernanda Otero
Fernanda Otero 28 days ago
T amo
Fernanda Otero
Fernanda Otero 28 days ago
мøχнι-мαlløω 28 days ago
I would sell my soul to have been one of those girls
Tatsam Raipure
Tatsam Raipure 28 days ago
Read the description - This video is dedicated to touching 😂
Sole Styles aka harrys wife asf
Sole Styles aka harrys wife asf 29 days ago
So fine for what
Your local Larry
Your local Larry 29 days ago
When you get called to a girls sleepover💀😭
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